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Experienced in Immigration Law
With a practice handling exclusively Immigration Law, the attorneys and staff at George E. Crimarco, P.A.
excel at assisting our clients with their immigration and citizenship legal matters.
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Citizenship & Visa Legal Assistance
The attorneys and staff at George E. Crimarco specialize in helping individuals and companies
with the legal intricacies of living and working in the United States.
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Personalized Service
At George E. Crimarco, P.A. we understand the difficulties our clients face when dealing
with immigration. As such, we treat every client with respect and compassion.

Immigration Attorneys in Miami, FL

Welcome to George E. Crimarco, P.A., a full service Immigration and Nationality Law firm. We have locations in Miami, Broward and in Jamaica and are available by phone.

George E. Crimarco, P.A. is lead by the firm’s namesake, George E. Crimarco. With almost thirty years of experience and his team of professionals, Mr. Crimarco has handled all types of Immigration matters, including green cards, waivers citizenship and all types of visas.

We help our clients with the following areas:

  • Visa petitions (H-1B, H- 3, E-1, E-2, L-1A, L-1B, O, P, F-1, J-1, etc)
  • Applications for Citizenship
  • Removal Proceedings in Immigration Court
  • Bond proceedings for detained individuals
  • Waivers for Criminal Convictions
  • Waivers for Immigration charges
  • Appeals of Immigration decisions to Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Federal Court Cases
  • Interviews with Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Asylum application
  • Applications for Residency (Green Card) for Family or Employees
  • Self-Petitions for abused Spouse and widows
  • Visas for performers, athletes, jockeys and academics
  • Temporary Visas to work in the US

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